All you wanted to know about yacht agents

At some point, every yacht captain will have to use a yacht agent. But the truth is, that most captains, and owners, are not fully aware of the value they can benefit from using yacht agents for the correct tasks. Nowadays, more than ever. So let’s dive into the world of yacht agents. Lorenzo Ciquera […]

Finding my first yacht crew job

When you are a small child, you are often asked what you want to be when you grow up. My answer to that question were a few well-chosen words: “I want to be a yacht captain!” A yacht crew job is all I could think about from a young age. Growing up by the sea, […]

Perfection in yachting

I’ve been working as a captain in the yachting industry for more than 15 years.One of the great benefits of this job is that you get to spend intimate time in a relaxed environment with highly successful individuals.   Some of my best and life changing conversations were at the helm, sitting with the yacht […]

Super Yacht Management: Risks of crew turnover & solutions

Crew turnover can cause financial damages to the yacht in the short, and long term. But, Super yacht management software can help mitigate crew turnover ramifications.   Proper management of crew transition process deals with two aspects:Is it preventable? How to minimise the risks and costs involved. The time and stress consumed in the crew […]

How can yacht management software improve your finances?

“What real benefit will this actually have in my day-to-day work life?” For many of the yachting professionals we know, this is the bottom line when it comes to making an expense related decision. Whether it is new equipment, amenities, and even crew. Other industries might try out various techniques and initiatives in the short […]

How much will it cost you to run a yacht?

So, you’ve bought a new yacht or you’re thinking of taking the plunge and joining the international club of proud yacht owners. There are countless factors you probably have already considered in-depth: Motor Yacht vs. Sail Yacht or Catamaran, New vs. Pre-owned, preferred size and range, where you plan to berth and cruise, the differences […]

5 ways to ensure your next yacht season is the best one ever

“The decisions you make in the off-season will directly influence the success of the yachting season itself.” We can all probably agree about the truth of this sentiment Sentence. But in practice life often gets in the way of good preparations. No one has infinite time or energy to spend on preparing their yacht or […]

Yacht Budget planning

Yacht finance

A yacht is considered an asset for pleasure. In most cases it’s not designed to generate a profit, but rather to bring joy, peace of mind and create memories of a life time. It is the one place where, as an owner, you can completely relax and forget about the outside world. As such, it […]

What does it take to manage a yacht?

Yacht managment

Have you ever thought what it takes to manage a yacht? Owners, captains, and yacht managers might answer differently, but they all realise the complexity of that question. We often hear: “Working as a yacht captain is the best job in the world”. There’s truth to that statement. You get to travel to the most […]