REAL CREW STORIES SERIES: Yachting career & Motherhood

We see quite a lot of men incorporating family life and a yachting career, but many women see it as an impossible task. However, there are some yacht crew superheroes that manage to do it.  Meet Anastasiia, and her lovely daughter Mariia. They have been traveling together around the world, currently residing in Cyprus. I […]

Charter yacht OR Private yacht? – Owner’s dilemma

We are often being asked by owners and captains: “What are the implications of converting a private yacht to a charter yacht?” Definitions First, let us define what is considered “Private” and what is “Charter”. Private yacht – A vessel that is solely for use by the yacht owner and their family/friends Charter yacht – […]

The great resurgence! New yacht jobs are popping every day.

The past year has brought many challenges on a global scale. But it also created a shift in how we, as individuals look at this world, and our lives. With uncertainty being the only constant, many people are re-evaluating priorities and taking control on their life choices. Yacht job opportunities are just around the corner. […]

Jobs for boat Captains – From dream to reality

Not everyone is cut out to be a yacht captain. So first ask yourself whether you have the right personality to take on the challenge. There are many ways to define requirements of jobs for boat captains. The captain is the ultimate responsible person on board any vessel. That includes guests, crew and the vessel in […]

6 secrets to navigating your way to a first-class captain career

yacht captain career

The position of sea captain is one that has endured for centuries, bringing with it the unmistakable thrill of adventure, heroics, and history. Although today’s yacht captains tend to sail calmer, more familiar waters, you will still need a formidable set of qualifications and skills to win the title of “captain.” As a 21st century […]

10 steps to high-paying stewardess job on a yacht

stewardess job

Yacht jobs for a stewardess or steward are some of the most attractive and demanded roles in the yachting industry. No wonder there are so many applicants for each position advertised. But how can you improve your chances of getting that quality offer? How find better yacht jobs for a stewardess So you’ve spent one […]

Dreaming of a yacht career? Here’s how to make that dream a reality.

yacht crew jobs

If you’re seeking to expand your horizons and embark on a career path that’s a little different from the usual hospitality and retail positions, yacht crew jobs offer a world of rewarding opportunities. Whether you find yourself serving as a yacht stewardess, deckhand, or even as a yacht captain, you’ll enjoy traveling the world, mingling […]

Hey, Captain! Are you ready for the upcoming season?

Yacht capatain

Hey Captain – are you ready?…… If you are the skipper of a private pleasure boat or the captain of a commercial charter yacht…maybe boating in Miami or cruising in Côte d’Azur, we propose that you ask yourself:  “What are the most important things to do before starting the yacht season?” Below you will find some ideas […]