8 steps to landing that high-paying stewardess job at sea

stewardess job

So you’ve spent one or two seasons as a yacht steward or stewardess and you can’t get enough of it – life on the waves, seeing the world, meeting incredible people, and forming unbreakable bonds with your crewmates. The question is: what’s next? Now that you’re set on making this your career for the long […]

Dreaming of a yacht career? Here’s how to make that dream a reality.

yacht crew jobs

If you’re seeking to expand your horizons and embark on a career path that’s a little different from the usual hospitality and retail positions, yacht crew jobs offer a world of rewarding opportunities. Whether you find yourself serving as a yacht stewardess, deckhand, or even as a yacht captain, you’ll enjoy traveling the world, mingling […]

Hey, Captain! Are you ready for the upcoming season?

Yacht capatain

Hey Captain – are you ready?…… If you are the skipper of a private pleasure boat or the captain of a commercial charter yacht…maybe boating in Miami or cruising in Côte d’Azur, we propose that you ask yourself:  “What are the most important things to do before starting the yacht season?” Below you will find some ideas […]

Yacht Budget planning

Yacht finance

A yacht is considered an asset for pleasure. In most cases it’s not designed to generate a profit, but rather to bring joy, peace of mind and create memories of a life time. It is the one place where, as an owner, you can completely relax and forget about the outside world. As such, it […]

What does it take to manage a yacht?

Yacht managment

Have you ever thought what it takes to manage a yacht? Owners, captains, and yacht managers might answer differently, but they all realise the complexity of that question. We often hear: “Working as a yacht captain is the best job in the world”. There’s truth to that statement. You get to travel to the most […]