Porto Montenegro Marina – the ultimate winter choice

Some marinas are just a place to park your boat. But others, share SEAZONE’s vision that what makes yachting so wonderful, is you – the crew. We go above and beyond for you and understand that being away from your families for so long, brings a responsibility for all of us to provide you with […]

Real crew stories series:

Transitions and mental health Richard Craven is a chief officer who started his career in cruise ships and made the transition to yachting. He tells us his view about this industry, with great insights about mental health, advice for green crew and the many lessons he learned along the way. Worth the read.   1) […]

What do yacht owners want? Holiday edition

Many captains ask us about presents for yacht owners. What can be given to a person that have everything. With Christmas and a new year approaching, we have raised the question to Simon Cavelle from Pavilion Art. The question: what could we possibly give as a present? We all have moments in our lives that […]

How to start your yachting career

SEAZONE yachting guide  – LOCATIONS (Part 1 of 4) So you had enough of the boring, regular life and want to start your adventurous yachting career? But don’t know where to start? Look no further. SEAZONE complete guide to yachting career will give you the basic knowledge to start working, but the rest is up […]