8 steps to landing that high-paying stewardess job at sea

So you’ve spent one or two seasons as a yacht steward or stewardess and you can’t get enough of it – life on the waves, seeing the world, meeting incredible people, and forming unbreakable bonds with your crewmates. The question is: what’s next? Now that you’re set on making this your career for the long term, what’s the best way to rise through the ranks and secure those sought-after, high-paying jobs on the most prestigious yachts?

Naturally, the exact requirements for any particular job will depend on the yacht itself and the needs of the captain and owner. But there ARE a few things you can do to put yourself at the top of the list.

SEAZONE’s 8 tips for becoming a stewardess superstar:

1. Put in the hours. There’s simply no substitute for real hands-on experience. While entry-level jobs might not be the most glamorous or highly paid, they are the first step in ascending the ladder to more impressive positions.

2. Remember to collect references. After you finish a season on a positive note, it’s important to collect a reference letter and even MORE important to ensure you have someone who will give you a glowing personal recommendation. Ask your captain/manager/chief stewardess if you can present them as references (with contact information) – and be sure to stay in touch with them, even if it’s only sending birthday/holiday greetings. Before starting a new job search, politely mention that they might be contacted about you and that you would be very grateful for their recommendation. 

Remember – what goes around comes around, a good recommendation is starting from a successful & positive season ☺.

3. Keep updating and adding to your certifications. These include everything from improving your English skills (a must for every crew position), through obtaining silver service certification, to taking a small boat driving course (today many yachts require all crew members to have a power boat level 2 license). There’s just no such thing as having too many certifications!

4. Always tell the truth. This might seem obvious, but many people get a little carried away trying to impress a possible employer. Remember that everything you put on your CV or mention in an interview can be easily checked. It’s a small world, and the yachting world is even smaller!

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5. Be prepared for interviews. First impressions really do count, whether the interview is in person or by phone / video. Ensure you’re punctual and present yourself as an enthusiastic, knowledgeable, serious professional (this includes your Zoom background!). Be positive and upbeat – even if the interviewer can’t see you, they can definitely “see” your smile over the phone – and prepare yourself for tough questions like your weaknesses or difficulties you’ve had while yachting. But most importantly, be yourself.

6. See out your contracts. Last impressions also count. Do your best to stick it out until the end of the season and complete your contract, as there’s nothing worse than having to explain gaps in a resume or getting a reputation for being unreliable. Keep doors open and don’t burn any bridges.

7. Keep your CV ship-shape. SEAZONE FREE CV maker can help you create a clear professional CV that will ensure you stand out from the crowd. Simply sign into SEAZONE and complete at least 80% of your profile – your CV will be ready in under 10 minutes, and that’s just the beginning. You can also find your next dream job in CREWZONE by SEAZONE. Just update your status to “Looking for a job” and go to the job listings to start applying. Don’t forget to log into SEAZONE and update your CV regularly. It’s simple to do and can have huge effects when that prestigious yacht is looking for a new chief stewardess with your exact qualifications.

8. Set up your profile photo and portfolio. Be sure that your photo is genuine and really looks like you – the goal is to give the impression of being a professional, positive person, not to pretend to be a supermodel! Additional photos are also very important – try to include a few from your past positions (remember to hide the yacht name/logo).

Bonus:  Video Presentation. Did you know that a short video presentation (1 min. or less) can improve your chances of finding your dream job by 10 times AND put you on track to having another successful season? CREWZONE lets you upload a video presentation, which can give you the edge you need in a competitive field – just make sure you prepare well and focus on what you can contribute (not your pets or hobbies). 

Remember, even the greatest journey starts with a single step. So why not visit CREWZONE now and get started? It only takes a few minutes to create a full professional profile. Plus you can upload those vital references for safekeeping.

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